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Meet The Chef Sofia Forte

 Chef Sofia Forte

A distinguishing palette distinct enough to guide this caterer to creating some of the best home cooked style meals in the area is one of Sofia’s claims to fame.  If the food she cooks doesn’t pass Sofia’s taste test it never leaves her kitchen.

Sofia is a native of St. Petersburg. She and her cousins spent a lot of time at their grandmother’s, who was an excellent cook. Sofia is one of the only ones who grew up and nurtured those cooking skills gleaned from watching her grandmother. This mother of two and grandmother of one, use food to bring people together. A delicious, warm meal shared around the table with people about which you care can be the catalyst to healing.

Sofia has been an educator for over 40 years and often runs into students all over the city who will stop to make sure she remembers them and to let her know how much her style of teaching and genuine concern meant to them and others. A few of her now adult students have taken part-time positions with the catering business.

Sofia Forte Catering, owned and operated by Sofia Forte, cares about the community and does what it can to show it in times of need. Grandma, Gertrude Wall sure would be proud of her granddaughter, Sofia.

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